1. Difference between soft washing and pressure washing?
Pressure Washing relies on high-pressure water alone to clean, while Soft Washing is a low-pressured technique that relies on a combination of soaps, bleach, and water to ensure your exterior stays clean for the long term.

2. What do you pressure wash?
We could safely pressure wash anything from outdoor furniture, cars/trucks, garbage bins, fences, etc

3. What do you soft wash?
Our Soft Washing method can do an exceptional job on removing moss, lichen, algae, mold, mildew and any other harmful bacteria from surfaces such vinyl siding, stucco siding, rooftop shingles, and more

4. Experience?
Once you call or fill out a "contact us" form to schedule and estimate, we'll have a trained technician come out and take a look at the project and give you a price for each service your property may need. On the very same day, we will schedule a service appointment day and time slot. Day of service, we will give you a call prior to confirm exactly when you should be expecting us to arrive. Before beginning the project, we always make sure to touch base with the homeowner to explain the process in which we'll go about and give you an approximate end time.

5. Cost?
There are many specifics that must go into count. The average home in New Jersey (2,300 sq ft) can range anywhere from $265 to $340

6. How long will it take?
To completely Soft-Wash the average home (2,300 sq ft) it would normally take around 2-3 hours.

7. Do I have to be home?
No, the homeowner does not need to be home for us to provide the services. We just ask that all windows/doors are closed and that the main water source is on.

8. Who will be doing the work?
Either myself or one of our professional technicians will make sure the end result is nothing less than 100% satisfactory.

9. What type of payment do you accept?
We accept check, credit/debit card, cash and.... (Bitcoin Soon)

10. How often should I get my property completely serviced?
Great question. Normally from what I've noticed, homeowners that like to keep their property clean and presentable year-round usually get our pressure washing services annually, our window/screen cleaning services biannual, and our gutter services quarterly.

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